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Raja Ampat Sailing Adventure, 10 Days, Mixed, Indonesia

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This is a Sailing Adventure Holiday like no other. A True Adventure Tour where we’ll take you on a far-reaching exploration of one of the least visited but most Memorable Destinations on our Planet. Raja Ampat is a true unspoilt Tropical Paradise, experience it onboard a magnificent and luxurious sailing yacht.

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All about the Raja Ampat Sailing Adventure, 10 Days, Mixed, Indonesia.

Raja Ampat Sailing Adventure

The Raja Ampat archipelago has been described as the ‘Last Paradise on Earth.’ Marine biologists have established that Raja Ampat is the epicenter of marine biodiversity, boasting the most variety of corals and marine fishes on the planet. Yet, while the below-surface world is reminiscent of a living kaleidoscope, the above-surface views are amongst the most stunning that you are likely to behold in a lifetime. These gem-like islands of extreme limestone coastlines, virgin rainforest and pristine beaches are a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. During this ten-day cruise, we will take you on a far-reaching exploration of what is without a doubt one of the least visited but most memorable adventure-destinations on our planet. This trip will be geared towards an active and nature-loving crowd, and is packed with fun ways to explore this marine wonderland. Activities include trekking through the jungles to spot the Bird of Paradise, floating amongst a lake of stingless jellyfish, exploring limestone caves, kayaking through pristine lagoons, plunging into waterfalls and swimming with the currents in search of large marine life. Every day promises to be an unforgettable adventure, and nightly presentations on marine life, and local conservation efforts will surely enhance and enrich this unforgettable experience.

Our award winning expert-led cruises program provides recognised explorers, scientists and writers a platform for research and for the design of exceptional expeditions, exclusively available to our guests. 

Meet The Experts

Sail Indonesia

Mathieu Malerba and Jennifer Hayes began their love affair with Indonesia and it’s waters working as dive guides in Komodo National Park in 2008. Since then they have extended their exploration to land; diving, trekking and guiding throughout the remotest parts of the archipelago. Lovers of the outdoors Jen and Matt are eager to share their knowledge, experience and passion for the region both above and below the water. They have designed a special itinerary specially geared towards explorers and that samples all their favorite spots and activities in Raja Ampat trip. Exploring the regions’ reefs will take center stage, enhanced by talks and presentations on marine life with an emphasis on fish identification to further enrich snorkeling in the world’s most bio-diverse seas. Land activities such as jungle treks, spelunking, waterfall walks, paddling through lagoons, discovering deserted beaches, and searching for the Bird of Paradise will make this voyage any nature-lover’s trip of a lifetime.

Each day on our voyages, we offer plenty of optional off-boat activities to keep our guests occupied. We place a significant emphasis on snorkelling, and aim to get in the water at least once a day to explore the colourful coral gardens that we encounter along the way, especially in the national parks. In addition to this, we always make plenty of opportunities for island visits, during which we stroll through local towns and villages and delve into their cultures. We embark on quests to find Komodo dragons and birds of paradise, trek to hilltops to be rewarded with spectacular views, explore hidden caves and remote islets, swim with manta rays or whale sharks, kayak and paddle in pristine bays, and laze contentedly under shady coconut palms on white sand beaches.

  1. Day 1 Day 1

    Your flight will arrive in the West Papuan port town of Sorong, the gateway to Raja Ampat. From the airport we will transfer you to the harbour where the Ombak Putih or the Katharina will be waiting at anchor. Once settled into your cabin, your cruise director will familiarise you with the vessel’s facilities and safety procedures. Ready to start our adventure, we will weigh anchor and set a southerly course for the Misool Archipelago, stopping for a refreshing swim along the way. We will then dine alfresco on the main deck while meeting the other passengers and crew and watching the sun set on our first day at sea.

  2. Day 2 Day 2

    This morning we will wake to see the sun rise over the picturesque chain of islands that makes up the Misool archipelago. The topography is typical of ‘karst dissolution,’ featuring a great number of tiny islets whose bases have been eroded over time by the relentless motion of the tides. We will spend the day maximising everything that this fascinating area has to offer by marvelling at both the marine wonderland under the water and the magnificent landscape above the surface. We can test out our paddling skills in the sea kayaks, watch for birds perched on the rocks, or just sit back and take in the glorious scenery. After a full day of island hopping through this archipelago, the Ombak Putih will spend a quiet night at anchor in Misool’s Tomolol Bay.

  3. Day 3 Day 3

    A swim through Tomolol’s mysterious dome-topped cave is undoubtedly one of Raja Ampat’s most memorable activities. After an early breakfast, our tenders will take us into the heart of the bay to see this partially submerged cave where it is possible to swim, snorkel or simply float while gazing up at the cavernous grotto adorned with astonishing stalactites. The more adventurous can swim or paddle through the dark waters to the other mouth of the cave. After returning to the ship, we will use our tenders to explore more of this impressive maze of karst islands, both above and below the surface, complete with mysterious skull cairns in sea-cave cemeteries, and prehistoric ‘petroglyph’ cave paintings, estimated to be anything between 3,000 to 5,000 years old and depicting various human figures and huge human palms, fish, flowers and plants, tools and vessels. Overnight, our boat will cruise north to the island of Batanta.

  4. Day 4 Day 4

    After our days of marine exploration, the jungle-clad island of Batanta offers us a change of scenery and a chance to stretch our legs on an adventurous trek into the island’s interior. We anchor at the foot of Arefi Village, nestled on the north coast of the island, where we will find local guides to escort us through the mangrove waters to the start point of our trek. A short walk along the riverbed brings us to the first of two jungle waterfalls complete with a refreshing pool for cooling off. The fit and adventurous may choose to continue the uphill climb along the rocks to where a second, larger cascade awaits. After leaving the wilderness behind us, we will find a nearby spot to swim and snorkel before moving north to the island of Waigeo.

  5. Day 5 Day 5

    After waking up, before sunrise, we will follow in the footsteps of the famous naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in a pre-dawn quest to spot the remarkable Red Bird of Paradise, one of the species that Wallace was most anxious to collect. We hope that the efforts of our trek through the forest will pay off, enabling us to catch a rare and privileged sight of the bird’s elaborate courtship dance as the day breaks over the forest canopy. Whether we spot the birds or not, for sure we will experience a wonderful trek. After lunch, we make our way through the Dampier strait, home to some of Raja Ampat’s premier reefs.  We finish the day by heading to Arborek Village. Here, we can easily circumnavigate the tiny island by foot and gain a sense of the Asai culture, which is still kept alive by the villagers living in this isolated place.

  6. Day 6 Day 6

    Another full day of adventure awaits us along the convoluted western coast of Waigeo. We will begin the morning by exploring Wofoh, three island gems linked together by stretches of pristine coral reef. You can use the tenders or kayaks to navigate the islands, or put your newly-acquired fish identification skills to use in exploring this vibrant reef. Or you may prefer to simply just relax on the beach. In the afternoon we will jump in the water again for another round of fantastic snorkeling and paddling. In the evening we will make our way across the equator to the northern hemisphere on our journey to the islands of Wayag.

  7. Day 7 Day 7

    Few areas in Indonesia can lay claim to such unsurpassed natural splendour as Raja Ampat’s Wayag islands. The beauty of these picturesque karst spires is perhaps only equalled by the brilliant colours and vibrancy of the reefs and the marine life that flourishes below. Nature has carved these islands into a series of coves and lagoons, narrow channels and inlets, caves, jagged rocks and shaded, sandy beaches. For those who dare, there are some spectacular but nearly vertical climbs that are rewarded with magnificent panoramas. We will spend a quiet night here at anchor.

  8. Day 8 Day 8

    The Wayag islands are Raja Ampat’s best, and we will make the most of this unique region for one more morning, navigating the maze of mushroom-shaped islands, and stopping for swimming and snorkeling. In the afternoon, we will set our compasses to return to the southern hemisphere for a snorkel along the equator.

  9. Day 9 Day 9

    Our last full day at sea will be focused on exploring the best snorkel spots in Raja Ampat.  We start of our morning in the bay of Yengeffo where a myriad of birds welcome us in the trees above while we explore the wonders of the marine world below. After a chance for a final paddle and lunch, we will make our way back through the Dampier Strait for a final snorkel in one of the best snorkel sites in the park. With a bit of luck, we hope to snorkel among some of the larger specimens of marine life attracted to the strait’s nutrient-rich currents. We will finish our final evening at sea with a Farewell Dinner and party with the captain and crew.

  10. Day 10 Day 10

    After a quick stop for a last swim and refreshments on one of the nearby islands, we will make our way back to the harbour of Sorong. Here we will bid farewell to the ship and her crew. Our tenders will take you ashore for your transfer to the airport for your onward travel.

The Ships

Offering all the creature comforts of the modern world, our two wooden pinisi ships, Ombak Putih and Katharina, are part of a beautiful, centuries-old maritime tradition of hand-crafted boatbuilding in Indonesia. Built by the highly-skilled seafaring peoples of Borneo and Sulawesi, using hand tools and traditional methods of construction, the design of these gaff-rigged ketches has been adapted and passed down from father to son for centuries. Interestingly, the pinisi fleet still forms the massive bulk of Indonesia’s cargo and transport network today.

Our boats are outfitted with the most up-to-date safety equipment and communications technology, and equipped with high-quality tenders, kayaks, stand-up-paddle boards and snorkelling gear. Our comfortable cabins are located below decks and offer all the necessary amenities, including double beds or twin bunks, private en-suite bathrooms, lots of natural light, individually controlled air-conditioning, ample storage space, and plenty of electrical and USB outlets.

In 2014 and 2015 respectively, working with the unique legacy these vessels represent, Katharina and Ombak Putih both had major refits. Their transformation was an exercise to conserve their authenticity, using only the best traditional materials, and shaped by highly skilled Indonesian craftsmen of the same heritage that built them.

Your Ship, Ombak Putih

Led by Captain Feri, with a crew of 14, Ombak Putih means ‘White Wave’ in the Indonesian language. Her keel was first laid down in Kalimantan in 1995, and she became operational in 1997. At 42 metres long, she is the larger of our two ships, providing accommodation for up to 24 guests in 12 comfortable cabins. Approximately 400 square metres of public space is divided over her two main decks, including a large salon, as well as covered and open areas, allowing plenty of room for our guests to spread out, relax, and enjoy as much company or solitude as they wish.


6 x double bed cabins

2 x triple cabins (one double bed & one upper single bunk – bunk ideally suitable for child 12 or under)

4 x twin bunk cabins (one above the other)

Food & Beverage

Our galleys are staffed with talented individuals who pride themselves on being able to conjure up all manner of dishes and delicacies from across the world, using only the best quality meat, seafood and fresh produce available – with the latter often sourced from local markets and the fishermen we meet along the way. Vegetarian dishes and kids’ meals are a specialty, and most special dietary requirements can be accommodated with minimal fuss. Our pursers are on hand all day to serve meals and make sure you have all you need; from cold towels and fresh juices to a full plate of food and an iced drink whenever you need it. Each boat has a full bar stocked with local and imported wines, imported spirits and domestic beer, which are charged at pretty much cost price, while all non-alcoholic drinks are inclusive.

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Activity Level: Fairly Easy

This cruise has lots of activity that you can join without any previous experience or skills. It’s suitable for most people & you will be able to do more activities and push yourself a little harder if you wish, or you can choose to relax. So, yes, this one is definitely suitable.

Overall Rating