Sunrise Near the Top of the World

Ski to The North Pole, All the Way, 59 Days, North Pole Expedition

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In this North Pole Skiing Expedition, Polar Travel in the Steps of the Early Explorers & Achieve Something Extraordinary. An Incredible Experience in the Wildest Frontier on Earth. Complete One of the Most Extreme Journeys on this Planet & One You will Never Forget.

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All about the Ski to The North Pole, All the Way, 59 Days, North Pole Expedition.

North Pole Skiing Expedition

The North Pole is the ‘test piece’ of polar expeditions and a serious undertaking. Surrounded by sea ice and in total darkness for half the year, the North Pole skiing is attainable only during a short ‘window’ of time. If too early, darkness and extremely cold temperatures prevail. If too late, the frozen Arctic Ocean melts into drifting pack ice enshrouded by water.

The North Pole Skiing expedition will travel and live on the polar pack ice. Each day will be an adventure as we navigate over pressure ridges, search for routes around open leads of water, and set camp on multi-year pans of ice. We all owe it to ourselves to express our true spirit of adventure, now you can achieve it on this amazing journey!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Expert polar guide(s)
  • All North Pole Skiing expedition organisational requirements
  • Polar Training
  • Advice on personal clothing & equipment
  • Transfer from Resolute airport to hotel
  • All chartered air transportation from Resolute and return
  • Sleds, Tents & all group camping gear
  • All food while on the ice
  • Regular written and photo internet dispatches for families and friends to watch your progress
  • Access to our satellite phone facilities
  1. Day 1 Day 1

    Meet in Resolute Bay, Canada. Transfer from airport to hotel. Evening orientation and welcome reception. Gear check and team briefing

  2. Days 2 to 5 Days 2 to 5

    Team training outside Resolute Bay

  3. Day 6 Day 6

    Charter flight to Eureka weather station and then on to Ward Hunt Island

  4. Day 7 Day 7

    Depart Ward Hunt Island onto the pack ice. Begin skiing towards North Pole

  5. Days 8 to 57 Days 8 to 57

    Ski across the dynamic pack ice of the Arctic Ocean towards the North Pole

  6. Day 58 Day 58

    Upon reaching the North Pole you’ll have time to celebrate this monumental achievement!. Helicopter from North Pole to Borneo Ice Station

  7. Day 59 Day 59

    Fly via charter air to Longyearbyen, Norway

  8. Day 60 Day 60

    Breakfast at Longyearbyen Lodge. Depart for flights home

  9. Getting Started Getting Started

    Our North Pole expedition starts in Resolute, Northern Canada with a training trip to build the team as well as test clothing and equipment. From Resolute we fly north by Twin Otter to Ward Hunt Island, a small island just off northern Ellesmere Island. From Ward Hunt to the Geographic North Pole is 416 nautical miles (770 km) of arctic pack ice.  Once the North Pole is reached we fly back to Longyearbyen, Norway and the expedition concludes here.

    This ice is always shifting; leads crack open and pressure ridges build into massive walls of ice chunks. To add to the challenge of it all is the extreme cold temperatures, often as cold as -40 ºC.

    On this expedition we are stepping into the ski tracks left by the legendary arctic explorers! It will be the same landscapes, the same wind that will push you forward or on the contrary, will hamper your movement northwards. The same ice hummocks will block your way and you will have to negotiate them. Drifting ice fields will not respect the hard work or the tremendous effort required to move forward, but challenges aside, with a lot of hard work, and after almost 60 days, you’ll reach the top of the planet.

  10. The Daily Routine The Daily Routine

    We share tents and the chores of cooking. The coldest part of the day will be in the breakdown of the camp as we pack sleds and begin the daily trek. Each day we will move for 8-10 hours with regular rests for food and fluid intake. Once we reach our camping destination for the day we set up the tents and build snow walls to protect the tents from wind.