The Process

Why do we go to the mountains? There are reasons that reach beyond the climb, past the descent, and are far more important than the summit. Regardless of the grade, the elevation, or the name of any peak, we go to the mountains seeking a feeling; and no matter where or who we are, the feeling is the same. Whether you’re on the highest mountain in the world or at your local hill back home – we go for The Process.

Find your own Mountain Adventure Climbing or Skiing/Snowboarding

Film By:
Jesse Hoffman

Elk Mountains, CO

JoAnna Coffey
Chris Davenport
Garrett Greene
Patrick Doyle
Ryan Koster
Patrick Westfeldt
TJ David
Tyler Lindsay
Sam Coffey
Morgan Boyles

Voice Over:
Bob Wade
Chris Davenport
Andy Popinchalk

“Gabriel” by Kevin Matley —
Kangaroo Vindaloo & Ben Bocan —

Special thanks:
Chris Davenport
Lizzie Talenfeld
Haley Hoffman
Julie Kennedy
Morgan Boyles
Danny Brown
Chason Russel