As an online travel agent, we earn our living through commissions from the tours that we sell. That means that there is no charge to you for using our services or booking tours through us. This includes custom planning and personalized requests, so let us know what you have in-mind for your next adventure travels and we’ll line it up for you, at no extra cost.

If you find the same tour for less, we’ll match it.


Adventure has inherent risks, so our partners are selected based on their qualifications and commitment to safety and quality. So you can experience adventure with confidence.


We are constantly searching the world and adding new adventures to inspire and allow people to do the extraordinary. But experience and skill levels vary greatly, that’s why we provide access to the most extreme challenges as well as opportunities to step out of your comfort zone for the first time. So you can always find your next adventure.


The lowest possible impact on the environment and local cultures. Our partners, big and small, are selected based on their dedication to meet these standards.

Ultimately, our goal is that all adventure travels & tours have a positive impact on their destinations and local cultures, as well as the travellers.


ACTION CULTURE was founded in 2016 by Australian adventurer Glenn Murray-Prior. Glenn started travelling straight out of high school and never stopped. He has been on many adventures, worked for over 10 years in bungy jumping and then for 8 years with a major international tour operator.

Inspired by the energy and power of personal experience, he now puts his passion and experience into ACTION CULTURE.

Surfboard Jump, Bali circa 1996

“Not so long ago many activities were considered extreme and you had to seek-out others with experience to get a chance to try them.

Package Tours were; hotel pools, buffets and following a guide through crowded tourist areas.

That’s definitely changed and it’s great to see professional operators offering so many amazing adventure experiences in the most beautiful places on earth, in a responsible and sustainable way.

In my opinion adventure has come of age and is now accessible to all, which is the inspiration for ACTION CULTURE as a place to bring these opportunities together and allow people to find inspiration in adventure and personal experience.”


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