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Videos & stories from across the web all about climbing. Mountains, rock, ice & epic tales of adventure. Inspiring you to join one of our epic Climbing Tours or Courses soon.


2018 Mont Blanc Course & Ascent Dates

Get excited! If you were considering giving yourself a challenge in 2018, or doing something inspiring, here it is. We've just loaded the dates for the 2018 Mont Blanc Course & Ascent, your chance to spend one week in beautiful Chamonix receiving professional training and getting prepared for your own summit of this iconic peak. You'll definitely have a story to tell about 2018 and an epic experience to treasure.…

Frank and the Tower

This great personal insight which was co-produced by Duct Tape Then Beer, Semi-Rad, and REI, profiles long-time climbing guide Frank Sanders. Sanders, recounts how he was drawn to climbing the Devil's Tower National Monument in the early 70's, his 45+ years of climbing and how he ended up back at that tower. Frank is anything but ordinary, however his story has lessons for us all and his energy is addictive. After climbing it over 200…

Reel Rock 12 – Trailer

"I don't want to be good for a girl, I don't want to be good for having just one hand, I just want to be a good climber." - Maureen Beck     There's some real inspiration in these short films. Climbers are achieving amazing feats lately, breaking records, doing things that have never been done before and reaching new heights. It's great to see and it's really inspiring to get…