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As your Adventure Travel Agent, we find the world's greatest adventure travel. Therefore, we have a wide range of prices from budget activity holidays to complex supported expeditions. However, if you find the same tour for a lower price anywhere, we'll match or beat that price. So you can relax…


Excitement heightens your senses, making experiences more meaningful. That's why adventure travel & active holidays are so rewarding. Innovative Tours: We love constantly searching for the latest & greatest adventure holidays from around the world, and we hope you'll be surprised & thrilled by what you can do with ACTION…


At ACTION CULTURE we work with adventure travel partners & professional guides that are local to the region, whenever possible. We believe, working with local guides is the best way to ensure sustainability & to benefit from local knowledge while also contributing to local communities & cultures. This is particularly…


We strive for the lowest negative impact on environments & cultures. We are absolutely committed to sustainable travel and responsible travel. Also, where you see this icon 10% of the tour cost will be invested in the local community through microcredit to small-scale entrepreneurs, guides are employed locally & Leave…

We’ve selected the best adventure holidays, outdoor courses and expeditions to destinations around the world. We hope you have fun finding your perfect trip.



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Active Holidays

These are package holidays that are either focused on a single main activity or have multiple activities. We have a great range, with something for everyone.


Here you’ll find various package tours incorporating outdoor courses. From surf courses to Arctic survival courses. These are great for people who would like to learn or progress at an outdoor pursuit. Get instruction and qualifications as part of your activity holidays.


Join a supported expedition to achieve the extraordinary during your adventure travel. From small mountain or hiking expeditions right up to fully supported polar expeditions.

Family Friendly

Adventure tours and activity holidays can be a great way to travel as a family. So, we’ve put together some great activity holiday package tours that will keep everybody active and allow you to encourage an active lifestyle for your children while sharing great memories.



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Hike for hiking and trekking tours.

Bike for cycling and mountain biking tours.

Climb for climbing and mountaineering tours and courses.

Snow includes ski and snowboard holidays as well as heli skiing and ski touring packages.

Surf for surf camps and surf trips. This includes Surfing, Kitesurfing & Stand Up Paddle (SUP).

Polar is our selection of trips to the Arctic or Antarctic regions and some to the poles themselves.

Culture is where you’ll find package tours that allow you to immerse in another culture or provide unique insights to local cultures.

Mixed are mixed activity holidays which are not focused on just a single main activity.



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Here you can limit the activity holiday options by selecting the region you’d like to visit. Also, to narrow this even further, you can use the search icon from the top-right of the screen and enter the country you would like to travel to.



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Simply select the month of travel and you will be able to view all of the activity holidays, expeditions and courses available during that month.



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Finally, from here you can browse everything we have on offer. also, you can also use the filters at the top of the list to filter by many different options to find your perfect adventure holiday.



Personal Consultation

We are an adventure travel agent. Therefore, we’re here to help you find the perfect adventure tour for you. Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to work with you to create personalized recommendations based on your desires, travel dates and budget. What’s more, there is absolutely no charge for this and you are under no obligations.

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